Since 1922

I'm Emilio Scolari. First my grandfather, then my uncle and finally my brother and I, we have worked for almost 100 years with the sole purpose of satisfying unique needs, producing handicrafts typical of Italian excellence.

The origins

It was the first after the war and in 1922, in via Cerva 1 behind the Milan Cathedral, the family-run leather goods of the Scolari were born: the grandfather, the uncle and then Andrea and his brother Emilio. From an apprentice to a noble Master of Art, Emilio Scolari founded the company of the same name in 1968. Dedicated to the production of leather goods. In 1968 he took over the leather goods of the Scolari family and assigned them to the production of furnishing and travel trunks, sample suitcases, boxes and cases; highly requested products destined to become design icons. Emilio Scolari thus acquires the family brand: from this moment his signature becomes the logo and the brand imprinted on each work to certify his unique artifacts.

logo emilio scolari
logo emilio scolari
logo emilio scolari
logo emilio scolari
Storia di Emilio Scolari - Laboratorio

A true story

My name is Fabio Orzieri, can you see the young man behind Mr. Scolari? At the time I was 19, and I entered the "Maison Scolari" as an apprentice. In the following years I dedicated myself body and soul to my work and thus learned a unique profession. Despite my great passion, after a few years I decided to try a new path, but it was only a "goodbye". My new career path would soon bring me back to meet the Maison Emilio Scolari again.

From father to son

For the next fifteen years I embarked on the entrepreneurial path, dealing with public relations and advertising, supplying services to the companies in Piazza Affari, up to the management of the Finance section of the temporary sector for the FIAT group. I was also able to find the time to deepen my passion at the SDA in Milan: business organization. Thanks to my love for manual skills, I always remained in contact with Scolari, sometimes using his laboratory. One fine day, at the age of 40, with him close to retirement, I was called back. He told me: "Continue, Fabio, what I started ..."